In this page you can find many informations about our rooms and services.

Please take note of the rules of the house and of our suggestions.

Remember that a peaceful stay depends primarily on information aboutwhere you will be staying



We suggest to come to Cinque Terre with light luggages and good shoes; in fact there are many stairs, streets are very narrow and, in case you need a shuttle bus, the only one is very small and usually full of people.

So, we recommend light and small luggages!

 In our rooms your inseparable dog friends are welcome for free. Please inform us about the presence of your pet at the time of booking and we'll be happy to meet all of you.

The best way to come to Corniglia, and in general to Cinque Terre, is by train; there is a train station in each village and in just 15 minutes you can reach La Spezia or Levanto, where fast trains (as Intercity or Eurostar) stop.

But it is also possible to come to Corniglia by car; in this case, the best option is to come from La Spezia using "Strada provinciale 51 (SP51)".

So, we recommend to get out in La Spezia from the highway and then follow the directions to Cinque Terre/Corniglia.

Unfortunately we don't have private parking but it's usually easy to find one close to the rooms (about 5/7 minutes far by walking).

It's possible to park the car in the white line (the first you will meet), where parking is free, or in the blue line ( a payment one), for 15,00 euro for each day (recommend to bring with you some coins, which are usually the only money accepted to get a parking ticket).

The closer parking places are the first you will meet, just before the village. After parking you can phone to Cristiana +39 3389376547 or find her at "Pan e Vin" cafè, on Via Fieschi 123. Or ask for more details informations to do a self check-in.

If you rent SALVIA or TIMO or ROSMARINO best parking are before the green container (at the begin of the footpath to Vernazza); opposite the green container there is a pedestrian street to go directly to the accommodation (about 200 metres).
If you rent ANTICO BORGO or ER CANTU the best is to drive until the little square near ER POSU cafè, where it's possible to stop the car for 20 minutes to first bring your luggages to the rooms and then move the car back to the parking places.

At your arrival if you encounter any problem while trying to contact Cristiana, please go to Via Fieschi 123 at bar "Pan e Vin" where you will find someone who will help you.
Please, if possible, send us a message text with the approximate arrival time the day before your check-in.

At your arrival, you'll be requested to show us your documents and pay the tourist tax of 2,00 euros per person (older than 10 years) a day for the first three days of your stay.

In 5 Terre there are many footpaths, which are the best way to enjoy the view and the very old stone walls. Through the footpaths you can reach all the other villages.

While walking on them it is necessary to pay attention, as they are very narrow, steep, with many stairs. Trekking shoes are highly recommended. Usually there are not cafès or restaurants along the way, so remember to bring with you some water to stay hydrated. It's possible to refill plastic bottles with fresh water from the fountains in the villages, so you can reduce your waste and drink a very special water at the same time.

Corniglia is probably the best village to start walking towards the other villages of 5 terre; in fact from it you can reach Manarola and Riomaggiore through Volastra (footpath 587 an then at 350 metres a.s.l. it joins path n.586 and then path 530), or you can reach the Cigoletta on the AV5T, which connected from the top of the mountains, all the 5 villages and many other beautiful locations above them.

Or with the path SVA (was already know and indicated as " Sentiero Azzurro"), which is the most know and frequented of 5 terre, is possible to reach Vernazza and Monterosso and then Levanto.

Vernazza is located about 1 hour and half and at the moment is the closest village .

There are many paths that connect the sanctuaries of the 5 terre; these paths are generally less frequented than the others, but very interesting and offer a beautiful view. For example the path 581 from Santuario di Nostra Signora delle Grazie di San Bernardino to Santuario di Nostra Signora di Reggio ( a wonderful place).

Then follow the path 582 to Santuario della Nostra Signora di Soviore (another beautiful place) and then follow the path 509 to Monterosso

At the time of check-in a detailed guide on the numerous paths of 5 terre will be provided to you.